Welcome to the official website of the National Sounds of Intent Centre for the Awards and Certificates in Musical Development (ACMD) offered by Trinity College London.

You can apply through the Centre for the ACMD if you are not affiliated with a validated centre (such as a school or music education hub).

The National Sounds of Intent Centre offers a route to the ACMD without individuals having to register as a validated centre themselves. We will check your assessments and submit them to Trinity College London for you. (If the assessments do not meet the appropriate standards, we will send them back to you with guidance for future applications.)

Sounds of Intent

An inclusive framework of musical engagement

Sounds of Intent is a model of musical development that sets out how we all engage with music, from children in the early years to older people with dementia, from those with profound learning difficulties who are still learning to process sound, to others who are regarded as advanced musicians in their culture. Sounds of Intent is not specific to a particular style or genre of music; it is meant for music teachers, therapists, community musicians, carers, relatives, and friends wherever they are, to help them:

The Awards and Certificates in Musical Development

The Awards and Certificates in Musical Development are inclusive qualifications, mapped onto the Sounds of Intent Framework, and are designed for learners across the whole spectrum of abilities and needs, from those with profound learning difficulties to those on the autism spectrum with advanced musicianship skills. The qualifications enable everyone to have their musical achievements and progress formally recognised, with no age restrictions or other limitations.

Preparation for the assessments can be made during regular music sessions, with achievement and progress continually assessed by the teacher or music leader, or anyone who works with learner concerned. Learners' musical achievements can be recognised through any type of music-making activity, individually, in the classroom or any other music-making context.

The Awards and Certificates in Musical Development are recognised on the Regulated Qualifications Framework, from Entry Level 1 through to Level 3, with Level 3 carrying UCAS points.

For more information, and to access exam specifications and fee information, please visit the Trinity website here - Awards and Certificates in Musical Development | Trinity College London

What to do next

  1. Complete online training

    You can complete the online course on soundsofintent.app if you have not already done so, or if you have not completed the PgCert in Sounds of Intent.

  2. Gather evidence

    Collect video and written notes of potential candidates’ level of musical engagement.

  3. Download your paperwork

    This contains a spreadsheet for information regarding learners, levels and the corresponding fee and your details as the applicant. There also are 3 evidence forms, one for each domain and a copy of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. There also is be a box to paste the secure, password protected link to your videos.

  4. Email paperwork

    Email paperwork to director@soundsofintent.com (including secure video link and online training certificate)

Please note:

From when you send us your paperwork (step 4 on the chart), the process should take approximately 8 weeks.

Here is a flow chart outlining the process.

Support and for more information

If you need any support or have questions about the National Sounds of Intent Centre, or if you want to submit an applicant, please email director@soundsofintent.com

Everything you need to support you with understanding the Sound of Intent learning and progression framework is available at www.soundsofintent.app including specific online training for those wishing to enter learners for the Awards.

If you need any support or have questions regarding the framework, please contact Sounds of Intent at a.ockelford@roehampton.ac.uk.